Civil Construction

Civil Construction

Public engineering

Construction of public works based on general planning, instruction, and control (incl. repair, improvement, or
demolition work)

Construction engineering

Construction of buildings based on general planning, instruction, and control (incl. repair, improvement, or
demolition work)


Applying, spraying, or affixing plaster, mortar, stucco, cement, fibers, etc. to work
Plasterwork, mortar work, concrete waterproofing, spray work, grinding work, and washing out

Scaffold/construction/concrete work

(a) Assembly of scaffolding, transport and placement of heavy objects, such as mechanical apparatuses and construction materials, assembly of steel frames, and demolition
(b) Driving in or pulling out piles and in-place-casting of piles
(c) Excavation, piling up, or compression of earth or sand
(d) Construction work using concrete
(e) Other basic or preliminary work
(a) Scaffold work; salvage work; pulling work; construction of footings and other auxiliary structures; transport and placement (lifting) of heavy objects; assembly of steel frames; mounting of concrete blocks; and disassembly/demolitionwork
(b) Pile work, pile driving, pile pulling, and in-place-casting
(c) Earth work, excavation, root-cutting, blasting operations, and embankment work driving work, concrete compression work, and prestressed concrete work
(d) Landslide prevention, foundation improvement, boring grout, earth retaining, temporary coffering, spraying,highway section,riprap, external construction, and chipping work

Stone work

Processing of stone materials (including quasi-stones such as concrete block and imitation stone) and production of stone works using masonry or by attaching stone to work Stone masonry or pitching and concrete block masonry or pitching

Roof work

Roof-cladding with tiles, slate, or metal sheet Roof-cladding work

Electrical work

Installation of power generation, transformer, power distribution, and interior electrical facilities Power generation
facilities, electrical wiring, lead-in line, transformer facilities, interior electrical facilities (including
electrical facilities for emergency use), illumination facilities, railway line, traffic light facilities, and neon lamp
facilities work

Piping work

Work for installation of coolers, air conditioners, water supplies, hygiene facilities, and facilities for transport of water, oil, gas, and steam using metal pipes Cooling and heating facilities, freezer/refrigerator facilities, water/hot water supply facilities, kitchen facilities, hygiene facilities, water purification facilities, water toilet facilities, gas pipe, duct, and pipe rehabilitation

Tile/brick/block work

Constructions with bricks or concrete blocks or work to apply or attach bricks, concrete blocks, or tiles to structures Concrete block masonry (pitching), brick masonry (pitching), tile pitching, furnace building, and asbestos plate laying

Steel construction work

Processing steel forms or sheets or assembly of derived items from them Work related to steel structures, bridges, steel towers, and gate facilities for locks and watergates

Steel reinforcement work

Processing, connecting, and assembly of steel bars and other steel materials Steel reinforcement processing and assembly and gas pressure welding

Glass work

Installation of glass in structures Glass processing and installation work


Coating work

Spraying, coating, or attaching coating materials to structures Coating, spraying, lining, textile upholstering and finishing, steel structures painting, and pavement marking

Waterproofing Work

Waterproofing with asphalt, mortar, or sealing materials Asphalt waterproofing, mortar waterproofing, sealing work, paint membrane waterproofing, sheet waterproofing, and injection waterproofing.

Interior Finishing

Interior finishing using wood, plaster board, sound absorbing board, wallpaper, tatami mat, vinyl floor tiles, carpeting, or fusuma sliding doors Interior work, ceiling finishing work, wallpapering, interior room finishing work, floor finishing work, tatami work, fusuma work, furniture work, and soundproofing

Well Drilling Work

Hole and well drilling using well drilling machinery and subsequent water pumping facilities work Well drilling, observation well work, injection well work, hot spa drilling work, well construction work, hole drilling work and water pumping facilities work

Fittings Work

Attachment of wooden or metal fittings to structures Work related to attachment of metal fittings, sashes, metal curtain walls, shutters, automatic doors, wooden fittings, and fusuma

Water Facilities Work

Construction of facilities for water intake, water purification, or water distribution for public water supplies or factories or installation of public sewage or basin sewage handling facilities Work related to water-intake facilities, water purification facilities, water distribution facilities, and sewage handling